OMNIOUS Core Value

OMNIOUS Core Value

The way AI Startup OMNIOUS Works


At OMNIOUS, we work with people of diverse background, personality and capacity. We are a team on the same path for great success.

The following are the core values at OMNIOUS. “With customer-centric attitude, we work honestly and embrace others, and seek excellence without losing curiosity.”


  • Sympathy: Act from customers’ perspective to solve their problems.
  • Exploration: Understand customers’ hidden needs and desires and search for solutions.


  • Innovation: Look for innovative solutions without fear of change or failure.
  • Selflessness: Find and put into action what one can contribute to the success of the team and the company.
  • Self-learning: Understand one’s capacity and potential and continue developing.


  • Impact: Act by setting the work priorities based on the impact of their consequences.
  • Professionalism: Be responsible for the quality of work and mission completion, based on professionalism.
  • Simplification: Solve complex problems by simplifying them.
  • Bias-to-action: Pursue swift action without being tied down to theory and analysis.
  • Resilience: Respond to difficulties effectively with positive attitude.


  • Trustworthiness: Establish sustainable trust in relationships based on honesty.
  • Sincerity: Converse in sincerity with right intention and exclude personal feelings.
  • Recognition: Admit one’s mistake and share so that it becomes the entire team’s asset.
  • Transparency: Seek utmost transparency in work and decision-making.


  • One-team: We are one team on the same journey for great success.
  • Collaboration: Work in harmony with people of various backgrounds and capabilities.
  • Communication: Listen carefully to other people’s opinions and communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Respect: Respect diversity and not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or political ideology.
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